Cultural Revolution

In China

How It Began?

1.Mao Zedong launched cultural revolution.

2.He shut down the nations schools

3.He also thought that the current party was moving way to far

4.his position in the government had weekend of his failure of his ''great leap forward''

5.Mao Zedong created the red guards.

Who Were The Red Guards?

1.The red guards were a group of students

2.They attacked and harassed elders

3.They would fight each other to gain power

4."rebel against the system" all over China.

5.they called them self's "Chairman Mao's Red Guards."

How Did Affect The Population?

1.The population decreased 12% below

2.1.5 million people died

3.millions suffered imprisonment

4.cities were on the brink of anarchy


How could it happen today?

it could happen today if our government became a democracy