ONLY $50.67- $94.32 [IT'S WORTH IT!!!]

How to use it.

To use the A.W. [Auto-Writer] all you have to do is turn it on, say what you want to type and sit back and watch the majestic words print on the paper!

reason #1

When you get your A.W. you will never write again! People will fight to borrow your A.W. ;} ! Dr.Suess used an A.W. !!!!

reason #2

You will be the coolest kid in school with your Auto-Writer! It's the best thing since sliced bread. Every one else has one [or two]! They look so good you will faint!

reason #3!

The Auto-Writer is the best ever! You will be able to type ten words a second with the Auto-Writer so you will be the fastest writer in all of history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!