Outstanding Organizing Owls

June Newsletter

Hello Ladies,

I said I was going to start doing a monthly newsletter and I still have 2 days left of July to celebrate our June accomplishments!! I am working on a more simple layout where I can just plug in the numbers. What I am going to celebrate every month are top 3 sellers, top 3 for # of parties and dream builders! I am so proud of all your accomplishments this month we had some amazing numbers!


#1 Michelle Reil

#2 Jennifer Roggenbuck

#3 Sue Fischer

Top # of parties

#1 Michelle with 4

#2 Jennifer, Sue and Tracy Loeschke all with2

Top Dreambuilder is Michelle Reil for sharing the opportunity with Mandy Jones! Welcome to the team Mandy

My upline includes her numbers and I like to see them so I will include mine with all of you as well.

My PV for June was $4319.00 with 3 parties

My goal every month is to have $2000 in sales

Lets go get August ladies!! I would LOVE to see all of us earn some level of RSS!

Thank you for being on this journey with me, I would not be where I am with 31 without each and everyone of you!

Love, Misty