Qin shi huang

emperor of imperial china

Qin shi huangs life...

Qin shi Huang The emperor of imperial china is a very important person to the chineses because he was son of king ying zheng ( an important king ) and was the creator of the great wall of china, which has saved many lives because of its protection.

He was born on the 7th of may 247 BC, he died in 221 BC.

king qin shi huang was a very strict king because of his punishments and ways of torcher to the innocent and guilty, his choice of torcher could of been: lighten on fire, slaughtered, decapitation and much more cruel things.

emperor Qin shi huang killed a lot people ( to many to count ) and where would he put the bodys exactly ??, Well, he had his own graveyard it was massive because there were so many graves for the bodys to go in.

Great wall, of China

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