Benito Jaurez

Blaze Mcmullen

About Benito Jaurez

He was a man who rose from poverty and became the presedent and minester of Mexico.  He was born  in was born on March 4,1806 and died inJuly 18,1872.  He beleived to make Mexico a better goverment that they needed fair elections.He made people share farms that were pretty big and they were called a hasienda. He also made people share other peices of land so they wouldn't be homless and these peises of land were about 20 acers each and they were calleda ehido.  The french over through his empire and they had control for 1 year.

He over through them and he got his land back and restored his republic.  Years past and the country of Mexico voted that Benito Jaurez was there greatest hero and a beloved leader.  Then he was elected and voted to be presedent of mexico.   he is mostley rememberd for his imformant.   When he made the reform he halped Mexicos goverment because he helped the army,people,churches,and lands.