Christmas Concert Lights-Dec. 10th

Always a terrific show that you want to be sure to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you at the concerts

Our holiday/Christmas Concerts are next Monday, December 10th, in our Intermediate School Gym. There is seating on the floor and in the bleachers. The children's arrangement on the bleachers will be in this smore. By taking a look, you can have a better vantage point to watch and listen to your children. See you there!

Concert Seating 5K-gr. 2

Concert Seating

On Monday, Dec 10 is the 5K through 2nd grade Holiday Concert starting at 5:30. First grade will be located on the left hand side of the stage when entering the Intermediate gym. Kindergarten will be located in the middle and second grade will be on the right hand side of the stage. Please make sure to drop your child off in the Intermediate Little Theater before the performance by 5:15. The students can leave their coats in the Little Theater during their performance. After the concert please pick up your child in the Little Theater.

Please keep in mind when entering and exiting the parking lot that it is the Holiday Season and that your patience is appreciated.

Best wishes,

Concert Seating for 3rd and 4th Grade

The seating to view these children, as you face the stage,will show them as third grade on your right and fourth grade will be on your left. Please follow the lead above except to have the children here 15 minutes prior to their program at 7:00 PM.

Box Top Winning Class

Here is the door decoration for the class bringing in the most box tops! Congratulations Mrs. Lew and 4th graders!
Big picture

The Merton Family Bowling event will take place on Sunday, January 13th. Similar to years in the past, we will have 4 bowling sessions and a raffle, will be held at the Sussex Bowl, on Main Street, in Sussex.

Random Acts of Kindness are going on in Grade 4

Here you will find examples of a grade wide effort among the children to encourage sharing of smiles and kind acts towards each other. Please talk with a 4th grader to learn more about this awesome activity that could grow into wonderful habits of kindness for a long time. The students have a calendar with suggestions for kind acts that helps them with ideas to use.

I am not a Turkey

Here is some of the best creative writing I have seen displayed in our school. Third graders had a chance to disguise their feathered friends to escape the butcher. They are so much fun to read and the disguises were awesome.
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The Class of 2032

The photo next to this little story is a reminder of where and how it all begins for children in their school careers. These precious children will be our future leaders, teachers, welders, builders, thinkers, bankers, etc. and it all starts with us working together.