Pacific Grove Middle School

May 2019

Prinicipal's Message

By Sean Roach

As I reflect on this school year a few ideas come to mind…

Our Sixth graders: This group of students came to us full of energy and eagerness to learn all about middle school. They have had a few growing pains adjusting to middle school life. Lockers, changing classes, new rules and consequences, and new peers to make friends with, have all been an adjustment from their elementary school lives. At this point in the year, our Sixth graders have shown to be a fun-loving and funny group of students. Their friendships have changed and grown. They are smart group of students with lots of creativity and energy. I love getting to spend my days with these students. I am excited to see their growth over the summer as we welcome in our new batch of 6th grade students!

School Culture: This year has been a year of triumphs and growth. As the year has progressed I have seen our students treat one another increasingly with more and more compassion and respect. Our leadership class has done a wonderful job of supporting our Heart and Mind traits such as integrity and kindness. Our students understand the rules and learn from their mistakes, which is all we ask!

Academics & Electives: Our students are provided with a quality education. I’m not just saying that. I’ve worked in several schools in two states and we truly have a special school community. Our teachers are amazing and I realize this more and more each time I step into the classroom or discuss a project with a student. The students are challenged and engaged in what they are learning. Many California schools have done away with most electives and we still have such a variety for our students at PGMS. I love seeing our students thrive, doing what they enjoy. As some of our students get fulfillment out of the academic courses, others show their enthusiasm for learning in a music class, art class, AVID, STEM/STEAM, Home Economics, Chorus, Keyboarding or being part of our Leadership class. For some of our students it is the school-community connections that they enjoy. I’ve witnessed the passion that many of our students have serving others in Rwanda, raising money for our Veterans, victims of the Paradise fire and many other causes both local and abroad. Our students at PGMS are truly making a difference.

Summer Learning Loss is Real: What You Can Do

By Jason Tovani, Assistant Principal

Ever heard of “the Summer slide”? Maybe you even recall experiencing it yourself… The “Summer Slide” is a common term for the well-documented phenomenon of students losing 1 to 2 months of academic knowledge over the Summer. (McCombs, Augustine, Schwartz, et al. 2011) Unfortunately, this effect is even more profound among low-income students. Why? Because of what kids do during the Summer. More affluent students tend to have a greater opportunity for activities that enrich their understandings, like Summer camps, vacations to new places, and trips to museums, for example. But, Summer learning loss isn’t good for anyone.

The good news is that there are many things parents can do to limit Summer learning loss, regardless of their income level. The popular education website, Edutopia, has published a number of articles on quick and easy ways to tap into your child’s curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity over the summertime. From virtual field trips to the Vatican to DIY projects, reading lists, and Summer-centric math and writing activities, there is sure to be something for everyone! You can check them out at the links below.

Beat Summer Slide, Edutopia, June 9, 2017

Summer Learning Loss: What We Know and What We’re Learning, NWEA, July 16, 2018

Summer School Information

Students who are required to attend Summer School for credit recovery, (failed two or more classes Semester 1), must turn in the forms that were mailed home last month to save a spot for Summer School. Students who fail more than one class at the end of Semester 2, will also be required to attend Summer School to promote to the next grade. Students who fail one class each semester are also in jeopardy of being non-promotes. Parents, please monitor your students on Illuminate to make sure they are not failing any classes. Please contact, Janie Lawrence, School Counselor if you have questions, or 646-6568 ext. 304.

Cafeteria News

Dianna Hobson, Nutrition Director

If you owe money on your lunch account, please pay it before the end of the school year. Students who owe money will not be allowed to purchase snacks, cookies, or drinks until the balance is paid off. Students will not be allowed to carry an overdrawn balance on their accounts. If you don't know whether you owe any money please ask the lunch ladies or call 646-6521. All outstanding balances must be paid before the end of the school year. Money on the lunch accounts will roll over to the next school year. The lunch ladies appreciate your support this year.

Hello/Goodbye Rally

The 8th graders will go down to PGHS, on Wednesday, May 22, 11:30- 12:30.

8th Grade Field Trip Great America

Eligible 8th graders that turned in their permission packet and money for Great America will be going on Friday, May 24.

• Students will need to be at school by 7:30 am on Friday, May 24. The bus will depart PGMS at 8:00 am.

• Students will load the bus at Great America at 3:30 pm. The bus will depart Great America at 4:00 pm. Estimated arrival time is 6:00 pm; however, it all depends on the traffic.

• For the students not going to Great America, it is a regular school day. The students will have an alternate schedule and will need to pick it up from the office on Friday, May 24.

P.E. Lockers

Locker Room Clean-out

All Students must have all of their belongings (inside their locker and in the Lost & Found) removed by Thursday, May 30. There will be NO access to the locker room on Friday, May 31.

Donate your P.E. Uniform!

Not returning to PGMS in the Fall? Then we will take your items in good condition to give to students next year. Look for the marked boxes in the locker rooms.

Buy Your 2019 Yearbook Before They are Sold OUT!!

Don't forget to order your yearbook! Cash is the only payment accepted. Please download the form attached or pick one up in the office. Once they are sold out, no more can be ordered! Don't miss out!

Staff Appreciation

If you would like to help PTSA with the Staff Appreciation luncheon on Thursday, May 9, please contact Ragni Coleman, Thank you.

PTSA PGMS Promotion Dance Food

PGMS promotion dance is right around the corner. To make this night a fun send-off for our 8th graders PGMS PTSA is seeking food donations. Drink Donations/Candy and Fruit can be dropped off in the front office from Friday, May 24, until 3:00 pm on Wednesday, May 29.

Special Food donation drop off times are noted on the signup.

Food Donation Sign-Up

PTSA PGMS Promotion Dance Volunteers

PGMS Promotion Dance is right around the corner. To make this night a fun send-off for our 8th graders, PGMS PTSA is seeking volunteer chaperones, quick cleanup crew, and help to decorate.

We will take all chaperones but preferably 7th-grade parents from 7:30 -10:00 pm.

Volunteer Sign-up

Friday, May 31

6th and 7th-grade students will be released at 12:11 from the Field.

8th-grade students will be released at 12:11 from Caledonia Park.

The office closes at 12:30 pm.

Students will not be allowed to enter the school building after school. Please make sure to pick up your student on time or make arrangements with your child prior to arriving at school.

Summer Reading List 2019

Please download the Summer Reading List. Your students will need to turn it into their English class when school begins.

Promotion 8th graders

Tuesday, May 28

Graduating 8th graders will rehearse their first Promotion Ceremony practice during periods 2 and 3. At that time they will each be given four tickets along with the picture order form for the Promotion Ceremony. Non-grads will report to school at 10:22, they must sign-in at the office.

Wednesday, May 29

Graduating 8th in Promotion practice during periods 4 and 5. Non-grads will report to the Library periods 4 and 5.

Thursday, May 30

Non-grads will be excused at 12:32, end of lunch.

8th graders will have promotion practice during periods 6 and 7.

Graduating students should arrive by 5:30 pm. Students with the last name that begins with A-L need to meet upstairs by Room 28 and M-Z need to meet downstairs by Room 13.

Friday, May 31

This is the last day of school. 8th graders get to sleep in and report to school at 9:30 am. They will meet in front of the school for roll call. The entire class will assemble and walk down to Caledonia Park for Breakfast in the Park. Students will be dismissed at 12:11 pm, as the last day of school, is a minimum day.

Non- Graduating 8th graders

Non-graduating 8th-grade students may not participate in the Great America trip nor attend the Promotion Ceremony or Dance. Students will be notified by Ms. Lawrence if they are ineligible.

On Tuesday, May 28, non-grad students will report to school at 10:22 am. Please remind your student to check-in at the office when they arrive at school.

On Wednesday, May 29, non-grads will report to the library for periods 4 and 5.

On Thursday, May 30, non-grads will be excused at 12:32, at the end of lunch.

Promotion Dress Code

• Dressy dresses or outfits, slacks and collared shirts.

• Ties and jackets are optional.

• Nice/Dress shoes.

• No hats or Sunglasses.

• No jeans are allowed.

You must bring a cover-up, sweater or shawl for the Promotion Ceremony if the dress is strapless. Please make sure the dress/skirts are of appropriate length especially, if you are sitting in the front row.

Promotion Tickets

Your students will receive four tickets for the Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday, May 28. If your family requires more tickets, please contact Apple in the office. If you don't need all four tickets, please return those to the office for redistribution. Lost tickets cannot be replaced. We can only issue a limited number of tickets to comply with the building occupancy fire code. There is no standing allowed in the auditorium for the ceremony. If you requested extra tickets, please double check with Apple in the office to make sure your name is on the list,

For wheelchair accessibility and seating, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

Promotion Ceremony Photographs

Premier Studios of California will be taking professional photographs at the ceremony. The order forms will be sent home on Tuesday, May 28, along with the Promotion Tickets. If you would like to order the pictures, please fill out the order form and return it to school.

Promotion Ceremony

Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm

PGMS Auditorium

All graduating 8th graders should arrive at school by 5:30 pm. If your student's last name is A-L they need to meet upstairs by Room 28. If your student's last name is M-Z they need to meet downstairs by Room 13. The doors will open at 6:00 pm for the family members to enter the Auditorium. Each person will need to have a ticket. Your student will receive four tickets on Tuesday, May 28. If you need more than four tickets, please contact Apple in the office as soon as possible ( or 831-646-6568).

Promotion Dance

Thursday, May 30th, 8pm


The Promotion Dance is for graduating 8th graders and eligible 7th graders. The Promotion Dance begins promptly at 8:00 pm. The 8th-grade parents are invited in for the first 15 - 20 minutes to see the room in all its splendor and to dance the first dance with their new 9th grader. Families and friends will then be asked to leave so the party can commence. 7th graders will enter the dance at 8:30 pm. The dance is over at 10:00 pm. Please be prompt in picking up your student. There are no in and out privileges for the dance.

8th Grade Promotional Apparel Order Form

Please click on the order form below. Order forms are due by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, May 7.

Thank you!

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to Ms. Costales' Leadership Class and their parents! We were surprised with a delicious charcuterie board, sweets, flowers, and hand-made cards for Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day. We love working together and the kids are the best part of our jobs! Thank you again!

First Day of School is August 7, 2019

Registration 2019- 2020 School Year

Please check your email and/or mail over the summer for further instructions on registering for the upcoming school year. Illuminate will open in mid-July for registering students. Registration will need to be completed prior to July 26 for schedules to be released at Registration Round-up on Monday, July 29.

The office will be closed from June 13 - July 22.

Monday, July 29: 6th grade and NEW students to the District, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. The office closes at 1:00 pm.

Tuesday, July 30: 7th and 8th-grade student registration, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. The office closes at 1:00 pm.