Leah Kerkman

About Me

My life


1) SPORTS (basketball, soccer, volleyball). They take up just about all my free time but I'm not complaining; life would be too boring without them. Met most of my friends through them.

2) Criminal Minds; best show ever. Watch it every Wednesday.

3) Friends. Couldn't live without them.

4) Amusement parks, especially roller coasters!

5) I love watching movies. I'm willing to watch any kind.


I have a pretty normal family; a mom, dad, a brother, and a cat. My brother is in college now so I only see him every other weekend or so. I used to be happy about that but I start to miss him more and more now. He sure livens up the household.

Keyboarding Techniques

What To Do While Typing

  • Use Rhythmic keying
  • Adjust chair so your legs are parallel with the floor
  • Relax wrists just above keyboard
  • Type without looking at your hands
  • Keep both feet on the floor
  • Sit up straight in your chair
  • Relax your body
  • Know which fingers should type which keys
  • Stay one hand's distance away from your keyboard
  • Curve fingers onto home row

What Not To Do While Typing

  • Slouch
  • Eat food/drink
  • Look at your fingers/keys
  • Be too close or too far away from the keyboard
  • Rest your feet on the chair
  • Have the chair wrongly adjusted
  • Poke at the keys with your fingers
  • Rest your wrists on the keyboard
  • Be unsure of yourself
  • Have your eyes angled too low or too high from the screen