A mechanics life

By Ryan wasielewski

Branch of science

The branch of science this is in physical silence. It is involved with doing hands on work to improve things. Much of the time you are working with tools to see if you can fix things. But you are also working with your mind to figure out if something could be improved or if it is already at the most proficient state it could be in.

Education path

The lowest degree you can have to do this is a Bachlors degree. This is a course that would give the general knowledge of the job. Some helpful college classes would be biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science and programming, English composition, and physics. To pass the course you would have to pass about fifteen classes.


I would go to Marquette university. I chose this because I have heard nothing but good about this school. It just sees like a reliable college to go to. The school is located in Milwaukee in an urban area. You would learn lots because it is a private university with class sizes of 33 with a student to faculty ratio of 14:1. You would need to go here for about four years.


You need a GPA of 2.5to get in. You would need an SAT score of 1100 to1339 with an ACT score of 22 to 27. You have to maintain a good GPA or there is the chance you will be kicked out. The school tries its hardest to make sure that does not happen. If you need a utter there are many students and teachers willing to help.


You will need to find ways to improve machines. And also a make new machines. You would need to clean up after yourself. You would also have to be a nice person with good manners when talking to customers. And just use common sense.


It is a needed job that you could easily find an employer. You could find a job as easy in Wisconsin as you could in the nation.


It is a high paying job here and in the rest of the nation. It would be about a ten to fifteen thousand dollar lower difference frame here to the rest of the nation. Here you would get about $90,000 and in the rest of the nation you would get close to about $100,000.either way that is still a lot of money.


I would go with Georgia pacific. It is located in Green Bay Wisconsin. It seems like it would be a great work place to get into but so many people want to that they aren't hireling that often. But none the less if I could get in I would do it in a heartbeat.


I could see myself doing this because I love building and finding things that would be a challenge to put back together. Some pros are I love building things and I really love fixing things. I also like solving problems even if they get difficult. Some cons are I wouldn't have many weekend off to go up north to spend time with my family amd i would have to stay late moat likely to help issues if needed.One more is that I would not be able to have many days off.


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