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Come to the greatest empire in the realm

Come friends and family to Carthya, the empire of hope and encouragement. Being the prince of this upstanding empire i am here to ensure you that you will have a better life here in Carthya and will live it to the fullest.

Move to Carthya

Hello friends, and family i'm here as you all know as sage or now called prince Jaron of Carthya and i'm here to tell you that you should move to this beloved empire to sit back and relax and enjoy a peaceful and adventure fulled country.

Some of my friends

Guaranteed to protect you from any harm

Some questions that might need to be answered

So, i know what your thinking "why should i leave my perfectly normal life and go to a place that the rich kids live huh?" well hear my answer. Since Athenia where i am sending this message to is gonna be pillaged by pirates in a couple of months or so i'm here to grab you and pull you up to the land Carthya .

We are Carthya

right outside of Avenia

Sage Jaron

Tuesday, May 17th, 9pm

1251 U.S. 9

Howell, NJ