Bill Of Rights Project

By: Zharayiah Alvarez 6th 12/17/14

What are the Bill Of Rights?

The first ten amendments the the constituition.This list of rights belong to the Americans.

Bill 1: freedom of press and freedom of speech

You can say or write just about anything you want. If you have any complaints about the government you can speak up and the government can't stop you.
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Bill 2: bear arms

to protect the country, citizens sometimes must serve as soldiers. Citizens must have a right to protect themselves. Government cant stop people owning guns.
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Bill 3: The right to privacy in the home

Soldiers can't barge in and demand to live in your home and eat your food.
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Bill 4: unreasonable search and seizure

Police cant just walk into your house, search through your stuff and take it away.
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Bill 5: double jeopardy, self incrimination, and due process of laws

For a capital crime a grand jury has to decide if there is enough evidence to charge you
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Bill 6: the rights of the accused in criminal cases

If you're charged with a crime your trail should happen as soon as possible. You shouldn't sit in the jail for years waiting for your trail
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Bill 7: the right to a jury trail

You can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money
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Bill 8: preventing cruel and unusual punishment

Your punishment should fit your crime
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Bill 9: rights retained by the people

Government cant take away any rights from people, whether they're mentioned here or not
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Bill 10: limiting federal powers

Government cannot take a power unless its said in the constitution
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