Estonian Music Fesivals

Cayla Cluver 6th hour

How many times has the festival come together?

This year is the 26th time the festival has occurred. The first festival was in Tartu ,1869. The used the term " The Singing Nation" to show what struggles the country went through. They call it a political event but also a celebration.

Main information about the festival

The festival happens once every five years. It combines of 10,000 to 20,000 singers. All of the singers are in national clothing. 10% of all Estonians participate in the festival. The festival was founded in 2002. The first song festival was in Tartu.

History of the Song Festival

The first song festival was very important to the Estonian's because is was part of there background of the country. Since 1950, song festivals have happened every 5 years. "land of my fathers, land that i love", is a original song. The song 'Land of my fathers ,land that i love" has ended every song festival.

How many people show up at the festival and or sing

The festival combines of 10,000 to 20,000 people singing. 300,000 people participate in the festival. 100,00 spectators at every festival. The most people ever to be at a festival was 24,500 people. That was at the festival 100th anniversary festival.