E&C Food Delivery

Eric Garman and Cameron Denler

Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas- Our company was started using the ideas of two hungry (ha, get it- hungry) kids and their never ending imagination. Our company is focused on delivering quality food for a quality price. We came up with our concept after researching the market and realizing that there are very few food delivery companies in the state of Illinois, and most definitely not any that matches the quality of ours.

2. Raising Capital- The funds we used to start our business came from a bank loan, as well as from ours and the pockets of family members who believed in our idea.

3. Employee and Training- We hire anyone that has the proper qualifications to handle jobs, from our chefs who prepare our food to our delivery people themselves. Our service representatives who answer our phones and our delivery drivers are also required to have a know how of how to treat our customers with respect, as they deserve. We scoured different employment agencies across Illinois to find our employees. We provide on the spot training for our employees and provide many resources for our employees to know what to do and how to do their jobs. To be an employee here at E&C Food Delivery, you must also be above the legal working age (16 in the state of Illinois)

4. Buying Goods and Services- As a gourmet food delivery service, our number one priority is providing quality food. We buy all of our ingredients from local fresh food suppliers who promise a standard of quality that matches with ours. We must also have proper delivery vehicles to provide our service. To meet these needs, we have traveled various car dealerships around the state of Illinois looking to purchase and refurbish vans. We now own and operate a total of 150 vans in the state of Illinois, 96 of which are solely in the Chicago area and surrounding regions.

5. Marketing Goods and Services- A very important part of maintaining our business is is marketing it. Due to society's increasing use of technology the past 15 years, we now use online advertising agencies and focus the majority of our marketing efforts on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. We also produce radio and television ads to gather as many potential customers as we can.

6. Maintaining Business Records- Another crucial aspect of running a business is keeping track of all of our customer and financial information. We accept customer orders by phone as well as through our website which provides a simplified, easy to use customer ordering process. Our customer information then goes into a database for future reference. We also have a team of accountants on staff to organize and process all of our financial information including costs of production, marketing, invoices, etc. Our accounting team is also responsible for submitting our tax forms to the government

Business Entity

Our business is currently operating as a partnership. We have chosen this means of ownership due to its relative ease to start compared to corporations and because of the expertise both of us are able to share in order to conduct important business and finance decisions. In addition to these advantages, there are also disadvantages that stem from operating a partnership. We have no protection for our personal assets and running a partnership also comes with the obvious risk of one of us leaving the partnership causing it to be dissolved.

Short-Term Goals

  • To provide quality customer service to all customers regardless of race, sex, and religion
  • To expand our business over time and make it grow into a nationwide entity
  • To increase the productivity and the efficiency of our business and all of our employees
  • To maintain a profitable business and increase our revenue while at the same time limiting expenses and production costs
  • To attract more clientele to our business through the usage of online marketing and advertising

Mission Statement

  • To provide the highest possible level of quality food to our consumers
  • To satisfy, delight, and nourish our customers
  • To provide our customers with the highest level of respect and courtesy
  • To serve and support our local and global communities
  • To create wealth through profits and growth