Water Pollution Project

What's wrong with your water?

How is water important?

Water is important because well, without water, we wouldn't exist. Water transports, dissolves and replenishes important nutrients. These nutrients are important to human life and in supporting ecosystems. Water also washes away waste and harmful pollutants. As well as transporting nutrients, 75% of the human body consist of water. That water supports the cells within us ad allows for cell function and activity.

Where do we get our water supply?

In New Hanover County we get our water supply from 2 different sources. The Cape Fear River and underground aquifers or, groundwater. The water from the Cape Fear River has to be run through many tests to make it safe for drinking. It goes through many water treatments to remove impurities and harmful pollutants such as bacteria, fuels, pesticides, and other harmful materials. Two main water distribution plants in NHC are CFPUA (Cape Fear Public Utility Authority)/City and the CFPUA/NHC. CFPUA/City has some of the latest water distribution and decontamination technologies available. CFPUA/NHC supplies groundwater through wells which draw from the Castle Hane aquifers.

What is New Hanover County's River Basin?

The Cape Fear River Basin is located within the Deep and Haw rivers. These two rivers converge and feed into the Cape Fear River, which feeds directly into the Atlantic ocean. The river basin collects all surrounding water such as stormwater and water treatment runoff. The river basin is also home to many endangered species of plants and animals.

What is harming our river?

What can you do to help?

There are many organizations that work to protect the cape fear river basin. Such as, The Cape Fear River Watch and The Waterkeeper Alliance. But, you don't have to be a part of these organizations to protect your waters. For example, you can reduce the amount fertilizer you use, which will reduce the amount of sediment seeping into the river. You don't even have to physically do anything to protect your waters, just generally be aware of the litter passing through your waters and try to cute down on how much you throw away.