Beach Erosion

Jessica W , Lesley L, and Alayna G. 6th period

Beach Erosion in Hawaii

People say that sea level is rising because of erosion in Hawaii. Shorelines naturally change through time as a result of many things one of them being the different types of sea level


Florida Beaches Are Running Out Of Sand

Florida is having to buy or go get sand from other places because they are lacking in sand. they have to get as much sand as they can to protect the shoreline during other hurricanes.


1. what are the two main issues with your topic?

A: The loss of sand and the tide takes trash into the ocean .

2.Disscus the negative effects in thye enviorment?

A: The tides can cause higher lands to concave.

3. What are the main regions or areas in or nearest to North america afected by your issue?

A: Happens in realitivly every beach. Ex. Galvston, delta of Mississippi, California beaches, and Hawiian beaches.

4.What wildlife is most effected by this issue?

A: Oceanic wildlife is most affected.

5.How are wildlife effected by this issue?

A: The litter that is sucked into the ocean may choke/kill oceanic wildlife.

6.Does this issue effect our lives in League City? If not, could it ever reach our area?

A:Yes it can effect our lives in League City.

7. Are people affected by this? If so, explain how.

A: Yes because they have to help clean it all up

8.Who or what causes the issue to occur?

A; Humans (us) and the ocean tides

9.What are the solutions that people have come up with for the issue?

A: They clean up messes and insert more to the environment

10. Can your group come up with andy ideas for a new solution to this problem?

A: Usually this ocurrs because of the ocean tides so we can probably build a bigger wall so it wouldnt go down as fast.