Earvin Magic Johnson

By: Amir Anderson and Alex Lopez

Magic Johnson

This six foot nine beast has not only won five nba rings he is a billionare. His nickname is magic but his real name is Earvin Magic Johnson. Although he is a retired basketball player/point guard for the los angles Lakers he did win championships in high school and college.

Early Life

He did attend high school and college he went to Everett high school in Lansing Michigan. Johnson had six siblings and was strongly raised by his parents in a work ethic. Earvin would often help his father at a used car lot and with garbage.

College and Futute

He went to Michigan state university where he won the number 1 seed and a championship.

He did not only succeed for playing basketball he succeed for being a successful business man. He has had one daughter Elisa Johnson and three sons one of with is in the nfl. This man magic Johnson has done more than anyone else playing in the nba 5 rings and on top of that 500 million net worth

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what he is doing now

Right now Magic Johnson own his own movie theater s called ali theaters he works with Starbucks and burger king. He also has a ne worth of 500 million earning most of it from the nba and endorsements
Magic Johnson: NBA Finals Highlights (1980-88)


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He is dedicated to its vision of enpowering communities by providing recources . He gives 10 million to assist jobs