Medieval Europe

By: Marleny Gonzalez


-Education in the Medieval times wasn't as important as it is now.

- There was no seats for the students

- The monks were almost always the ones teaching

- They used quill pens and wax tablets to write down notes for those who could afford them.

- Memorization was important because the ones that couldn't afford writing utensils had to memorize everything the teacher said.

-The one subject that was important was math, because it had deep connections with Geometry and Arithmetic.

-Education was mostly only open to the "sons of high class" which were basically seen as people higher than ordinary people.


-The men were considered more dominant than women.

- marriage in medieval times was usually never out of love but about social class and wealth.

-Husbands were allowed to beat their wives if they disrespected them or scolded them.

-Women were expected to take care of the household.

-some jobs of being wife were, cleaning the house, making beds. cooking and also taking care of their own personal garden.

-Several people preferred to have a son because they usually took over their fathers position in most cases as a ruler of a kingdom or empire.