Technology Rules For Parents

By Amanjot Gill

Rule #1

Don't text while driving. You will get distracted.
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Texting While Driving Crash Investigated by FMPD

Rule #2

Texting is not necessary.

Rule #3

You don't have to text.

Rule #4

When your texting make sure you are being appropriate.

Rule #5

Don't go on to pop up ads that show up on the internet. They are dangerous and can also damage your computer or phone.

Rule #6

If you have a webcam or a camera on your phone or computer that you don't use, you should use a piece of tape and cover it because some people can hack into it and see what you are doing.

Rule #7

Don't give away private information while you are texting.

Rule #8

While you are on any public websites like facebook, don't let random people in because you won't know who they are.

Rule #9

Don't meet people in person even if they ask you.

Rule #10

If people are asking you for your personal information online don't give it away because they are probably trying to find you