Important Announcement

Lunch Charges


Effective March 1, 2014, students who charge their lunches will have the cost of those lunches added to their student fee accounts. Those fees will be added to the students’ account at the end of each month for all charges incurred during the month. In addition, students who already have outstanding lunch charges will also have those amounts added to their student fee accounts.

Beginning at the start of this school year, when a student forgot his or her lunch money, we allowed them to charge their meal up to the cost of a Type A lunch. While this has been very beneficial for the student and families, it is beginning to place a financial strain on our food service operations. We will continue to allow students to purchase a Type A lunch; however, as noted above, we will add any unpaid charges to the student’s outstanding fees. It’s important to understand that these charges will become a permanent part of the outstanding student fee record and would need to be paid in full prior to graduation, going on the 8th grade trip to Washington DC or having transcripts transferred to another district in the event your child were to attend a district other than Edgewood. Fees can be paid by sending a check, cash or a money order to the building office or through our on-line payment system, EZpay, which can be accessed on our website at . If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call David Jewell, our Food Service Director at (513)863-4692 ext. 3127.