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I have a serious passion in my life right now; spreading the word and educating my friends and family about safe personal care products. Beautycounter is the engine that is allowing me to do this - and what an amazing engine it is. Did you know that the US has not passed a Federal Law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938?

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Cancer has touched my family numerous times. My mother is a breast cancer surviver, and my aunt passed away last year from breast cancer to name a few affected. Over the past several years I have made significant changes in the food I provide my family, and as I continue to research I can not ignore the significant effects of the chemicals we use on our bodies each day as well. The more I learn the more motivated I am to educate people on how to make better choices in order to mitigate the risks of cancer, hormone disruption, ADHD, autism, allergies and other detrimental health issues.

We are turning the $3B beauty industry on its head by educating, protecting, and influencing manufacturers, government, and consumers. The active ingredients in Beautycounter products are clinical grade, botanically derived and again safe. We choose not to use over 1500 harmful chemicals, our "Never List" as we refer to it, that are in most every beauty brand from high-end choices to bargain brands. Beautycounter is one of only two EWG verified companies worldwide.

The next time you need a moisturizer, cosmetics, shampoo, bath products for you or your kids, sunblock or something else, consider what I've mentioned here.

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