Cozad Cares

A.K.A Cozad Community Service Learning


Last year we se aside a day to give back to the community that supports us. The staff and students from every building went out and did various tasks throughout town. There was trash clean up around the entire perimeter of the town, there were red cross flyers hung on every door, and the parks all got a nice touch up. There were also posters and even a couple of commercials made for some of our local businesses. I feel that we as a school can show this community, more than one day a year, how much we do truly appreciate all that they do for us. This is a challenge to take pride in Cozad everyday. Lets take care of this town and have some pride in where we are from. Challenge yourself to do the little things that will help this town stay nice and clean. When you see trash pick it up, if a neighbor needs help, go help, and most of all show respect and appreciation towards those who give.


When you see something that needs to be done take care of it. Once the Job is finished tweet out #CozadCare and #CozadMakers. There will be a badge of pride of sorts that those of us wear. It shows the roots of the town and the pride we have in keeping our town nice.
Service Learning Project 2015