BHE 2nd Grade Newsletter

October 17th- October 21st

The Learners' Journey

This week we will be reviewing reading and writing strategies in small group instruction. This week our little scientists began learning about forms of energy. They had such fun investigating whether objects were opaque, translucent or transparent. Next week your second grader will continue to explore the forms of energy. Our mathematicians will be starting addition! We will work on addition of two and three-digit numbers without regrouping. Our Math Facts next week will be continuing using doubles to add.

Spelling List

No spelling this week.

Math Facts Resource & Sharing on Google docs

This is an optional resource for you if you would like for your child to practice his or her math facts each night. Click on the button below and feel free to print as many as you would like for your child to practice at home. Please do not send in math facts sheets, this is not for a grade. We have also shared the math facts with your child on his/her google shared drive. Students have learned how to log in and find this during library. The math facts will be here weekly too as a resource.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are next week. Please double check the date and time of your conference. We are booked back to back and want to respect each of you and your time. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Zoo Field Trip

Please look in your child's Lion folder next week for the field trip permission slip. Fill out BOTH sides of the form and return to the teacher asap. If you do not fill this out your child will be staying at school in the office with work to do while we are gone. Your child does need to wear his or her BHE Tshirt and tennis shoes the day of the field trip. Information about lunch and snack will be on the field trip form and in the next newsletter. Do not send money with your child on the field trip, we will not be buying anything at the zoo.

Important Dates

Oct 20th & 21st 1/2 days for Parent Teacher conferences

Oct 20th & 21st 2nd grade Benchmarks (Please be sure your child is here these days)

Oct 24th-28th Red Ribbon Week

Mon- wear red

Tues- crazy hat & socks

Weds-Neon colors or white


Fri-team jersey/tshirt or BHE t shirt

Nov 4th Early Release @12:00

Nov 8th Zoo Field Trip

Nov 17th SBISD Art museum field trip

BHE Auction Picture Dates

Mom's will be coming to BHE to take your child's picture for the auction photos. It is always nice to have a professional looking picture of your child and these look wonderful! See the dates below to see what day you might want to check what your child is wearing for his/her picture.

October 17th- Modrick

Here are some pictures from this week

Bunker Hill Elementary

Please be sure to ALWAYS call in any changes of transportation. This must be done by 1:00 pm the day of. Again we are not always able to check our email during the day. Thank you!