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Issue 8 - 9th September 2019

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A Three Day Week

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Although only a three day week, lots has been happening within the British Primary Section. Students continue to push the boundaries of learning, and I have been popping into classes, seeing how engaged they all are!

It has been great to be a part of my first International Day, where we have celebrated the diversity of our student and teaching body. We have over 50 nationalities represented in the British Primary Section, and seeing students parade under the banner of their national flag, and my particular favourite of trying the cuisine from all parts of the globe made this a very special day. I would like to thank all who made this a wonderful and very special occasion.

Currently, much professional development is taking place and, last Saturday, all members of the teaching body were engaged in Safeguarding training. This is important as this not only enables us to provide the most safe and secure environment for our children as possible, but also enables us to keep up to date with the most recent international developments. Staff found this particularly successful, with every member of the team becoming accredited, this makes us a safe environment for all!

Finally, however you intend to spend the long weekend, I wish you all the very best.

Kindest regards,

Luke Chaeter

TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

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Parent Workshop Schedule 2019-2020 Term 1

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Our International Nursery Community - by Mr David Treston

As part of International week, we asked our Nursery parents to come in and introduce their countries to us, by reading stories and poems, singing songs, playing games and musical instruments. The children found it fascinating to learn about the cultures and hear all the amazing different languages. They even learnt some new words in other languages.

Thank you to all of the parents for volunteering to come in and share their time with all our Nursery Children.

A Royal Tea Party - by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie

As one of the activities to celebrate International Week, the British Nursery invited the French Petite class for a 'High Tea'. Our Guest of Honour, Her Majesty the 'Queen' then entered the room, which was both grand and exciting. We started the celebration by singing some songs in both languages, French and English, as well as getting to share our home-made scones, cream and jam together. It was a wonderful, happy celebration and a great way to get to know more of our school community.

Year 3 Tree Climbing - by Mr Chris Bonnet

On Tuesday 8 October, the weather finally cleared for our Year 3 children to set off for the Zhishan Cultural Park for their rope climbing activity. As with all trips, the activity was specifically planned to complement our work on the BPS Learner Profile and our Values. It allows our children to work towards becoming more confident adventurers through participation, perseverance and a greater sense of responsibility.

Arriving at the park after a short bus ride, our children were met by qualified climbing instructors who greeted them with a detailed talk on rope climbing technique and safety. After listening intently, the children were strapped into harnesses and let loose on the ropes. They had to stay coordinated and focused throughout the activity in order to get higher up the tree while maintaining their strength and energy. Many surprised themselves by how high they could climb and every child had a wonderful time. As you can see from the pictures, all of our adventurers showed great courage and made their teachers proud.

We would like to thank all our parent helpers for making this trip possible. We could ‘knot' have done it without you.

Football match against MAT - by Mr Peter Poulton

On Wednesday 2nd October, we welcomed Morrison Academy Taipei (MAT) to our campus and played our first friendly match of the football season. This was a great experience for our U9 (Year 3&4) and U11 (Year 5&6) teams. Our teams were evenly split in terms of ability, as this is a TISSA requirement. Despite missing key players, the U9 teams managed to win two games and they lost two games. Our U11 teams won all their games and played excellently. Well done to all involved!

Our next friendly match is against DIS on Wednesday 16th October. We will finish the football season with a tournament hosted here at TES Primary school on Saturday 9th November.

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Leading and Safeguarding professional development of staff - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

Last week was a busy week for staff as they were treated to a range of Performance Development opportunities. It began with the Interantionally renowned Chris Jansen leadership training. Chris has been working with the British Primary Section for a number of years, this sustainable approach means that he can come with some understanding of the school and get to work straight away with the leaders - maximising the outcomes. Broken down into three parts, he worked with the whole of TES on the strategic plan, then with BPS on our own action plan and developing our 'engine room', the Year Lead and Curriculum Leaders, before working with the Secondary team for the first time ever on Saturday. It shows our commitment to continuously developing all staff no matter what role, as well as our aims for outstanding practioners.

We didn't stop there, as we had Kay Chaeter, our very own Year 1 class teacher, lead a Safeguarding day with all teachers on Saturday. Kay has already proven to be a great asset to our school and brings with her a wide ranging skill set that encompasses her specialist knowledge and qualifications in Safeguarding which can only help build on the actions of the whole school to ensure we provide the safest environment for all children.

Assessment workshop for parents - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

It was fantastic to see so many parents attending the latest parent workshop, Assessments in the British Primary Section, where I was able to offer a more detailed look at what we do as a section in all subjects both internally and externally as well as sharing why we do what we do and how we stand on the South East Asian International scene. Should you ever have any questions about the assessment for your child please contact your class teacher or me on aidan.stallwood@tes.tp.edu.tw.

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Student Mediators

Very soon, students in Y5 and Y6 will have specific mediator training to support all our children during break and lunch times. We want all our students to develop leadership skills, and they will be highly visible throught the campus.

Playground Leaders

Not long before the official launch of the new playground equipment and playground leaders. Mr C will keep you all informed!