Mid April Shoutout!

Greetings from Cabo / Stella & Dot / April 2013


A Breezy Business!

There is nothing I want more for you than for you to enjoy your life. I have found that my job as a stylist really doesn't feel like one and that I learn more everyday, get paid a little more, get more confident...you just get better, but you have to give yourself a chance.

If you are already working your business, congrats! If you haven't then start now! Just do it! You already paid the $199 so get your money's worth by starting what you signed up for!

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Congratulations Chantelle on launching as a stylist this month!

Over $1000 dlls in sales and a prospective stylist on your first trunk show! Woohoo!

Who has Qualified already?

Melissa Villarreal

Sandra Mercado

Chantelle Bacigalupo

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Melissa Villarreal

Sandra Mercado

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April is not over!

Book some shows!

Get training on the Stylist Lounge!

Reach out to me and let's work on your business together!

Check out the lounge for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation and Autism Awareness trunk show ideas!