Decision Support Analyst Opening

Forbes Regional Hospital

What will you do?

As a decision support analyst at Forbes Regional Hospital, you will conduct various types of specialized analyses including cost-benefit analyses, financial analyses, and feasibility studies. You will be required to document analytical findings and conduct internal and external research. With this research you will be required to summarize your findings to help in decision making processes. Also, due to the growth of technology, we are in the process of transferring patient files to an electronic system. You will be required to work with programmers to help build a Decision Support System which will analyze a patient’s signs and symptoms and predict possible medication or practices that doctors will use to their advantage.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • You are required to have a bachelor's degree in finance or business
  • MUST also have excellent analytical skills and expertise
  • A strong background knowledge in health and medicine

Pay and Benefits:

  • You will receive an annual accumulated pay of $55,000 starting
  • You will have full medicare to our hospital
  • We will proudly give bonuses to a hard working individual