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Convergence 3.0

After a summer break, Convergence is back with our Fall premiere event, Q Commons Sacramento. The thrust and focus of Convergence has always been bringing gospel based leaders together to build relationship and find ways to walk and work together. It was Pastor Dan Axtell who used the word “convergence” in the run up to the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival to talk about different leaders and groups finding each other to cooperate in God’s mission. The word stuck as the ACTS Group was formed and those involved in the founding phase brought leaders together from 2012-2014. A second phase of Convergence came out of the summer of 2014 when ACTS Group made the move to host the first Q Commons Sacramento at the Tower Theater and to develop a forum called Convergence “Live”. The addition of a radio program/podcast to elevate leaders and their perspectives in the Sacramento region followed in the summer of 2015. A website, YouTube channel and weekly updates grew to touch over 1000 leaders regionally and nationally.

Catching our breath over the summer was needed! Now we are premiering Convergence 3.0, where we continue to do those things that allow leaders to be together, talking and transforming communities and culture. We hope you will continue to be encouraged, inspired and activated through themes and leaders voices from Sacramento and around the nation. A key time to reconnect in the Sacramento region will be at Q Commons Sacramento – you can register here. We are in a new venue, Beatnik Studios, that allows us to accommodate over 200 people around the local speaker themes of Leadership, Civil Public Discourse and Answers to Race. The national voices we will tune into are dynamic and you can read about them below. Hope you are there! If you are reading this elsewhere in the country, Q Commons continues to grow nationwide and you can find the Q Commons near you here.

Grateful to have a part in leading with you –

Jeff Kreiser - ACTS Group Director

Meet the Q Commons National Speakers

Register for Q Commons

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 6pm

723 S Street

Sacramento, CA

Purchase your tickets here:

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Arrive in time to enjoy light refreshments and beverages and to meet your local speakers!

7:00PM - National Q Commons begins

Q Commons - Sponsor a Table

This year for Q Commons Sacramento we are offering Table Sponsorships. You can buy a table which includes 8 registrations, 6pm pre-party with meet and great with our local speakers, and a table in the portion of the room that you prefer. If you are interested in table sponsorship, contact Merisa Moy at