Merry Christophermas!!!

We got you some literal Brandwood Family Required Reading books for your Kindle! Ugh they are literally hawt. And you can look forward to discussing them in great detail with a whole bunch of English teachers.

The Plague

By Albert Camus


"if you like to feel depressed, then by all means read this is dark and imaginary smells are those of death....yuk....totally discusting."


The Three Musketeers

By Alexandre Dumas


"Worst book ever read never ever read the three musketeers I've read many bad books but this is the worst of them all"


Sherlock Holmes: Ultimate Collection

By Arthur Conan Doyle


"I hate when one ~ r e a l l y ~ gets into a book (story) & author(s)
Can not keep up with their own characters location in the story plot!
e.g. Holmes & Watson leave inside poison room to OUTside for air to meet
African explorer who has/had access to devils-foot root, then throws a picture
Of secret lover on TABLE! !! Where do you have a TABLE OUT SIDE... in the middle
Of no where¿??"


Selected Stories

By Andre Dubus


"There are many books of short stories that are much better than these"

—Donald, Dresher, PA

The Assistant

By Bernard Malamud


"Long story short [no pun], I found myself treading water to keep afloat within this tale of endless woe, self-pity, indifference, greed, envy, and martyrdom...Yes, that is a mouthfull but I wanted to get it all in there for a comprehensive feel."


The Count of Monte Cristo

By Alexandre Dumas


"Story has good twists, but there are too many French places and people..."

—Kim, Logan, OH

"There is the occasional bright spot, but these are usually separated by two or three hundred pages. I would only recommend this novel to people whose age is counted using a single digit."

—Chris, Champaign, IL

"I found this novel way too long and bombasic...If anyone is stupid enough to actually buy and read this work of verbose crap on their spare time, I pity that person."

—A Customer


By Ian McEwan


"Lack of any interisting story, and a less than engaging lead character make this book next to impossible to enjoy. The highlight of the first 100 pages is the young female lead character getting in and out of a fountain. What can I say, but don't waste your money, BORING BORING BORING!"

—Kelsey, Las Vegas, NV

Sacred Hunger

By Barry Unsworth


"I feel my time could have been better spent."

—A Customer

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

By Thomas Hardy

We actually can't gift this one to you because it's free. How's that for a cheap prize?

But you can go download it anyway. You're welcome.

"I don't care if it's a classic. It went nowhere. There was no point. I could not bring myself to care what happened to the characters. It was not an enjoyable read."


"This book seems to drag on and on and on. I am only half way threw and ready to call it quits."


"I personally hated it b/c it's very depressing. You may enjoy it if you are a girl, however, as the protagonist is female and the story centers on her."