4th Grade News

April 10th-21st

Upcoming Events:

Monday, April 24th-State Testing Begins

Thursday, May 27th-Library Check-Out

Thursday, May 11th-Bonanzaville Field Trip

Friday, May 19th-Bismarck Field Trip

A Peek at Our Week:

ELA: We have been learning about Lewis and Clark through a simulation that requires the kids to perform tasks and research to advance their corps along the same path Lewis and Clark traveled with their corps.

Math: The last couple weeks we have been working with multi-step number stories involving division, fractions and measurement.

Science: The kids have been busy building pendulums and vehicles to get a better understanding of kinetic and potential energy.

North Dakota State Assessment

This Monday we will begin our state testing. The first week we will be taking the ELA portion of the test. The following week we will take the Math portion. These are going to be long mornings for the kids, so please make sure they get plenty of sleep the night before, eat a healthy breakfast, and give them TONS of encouragement.