Crabber Code Newsletter

January 2015

Discipline Data

There were a total of 76 referrals in December. The following breakdown represents the top four (4) offenses.

  • Skipping/ Truancy- 12
  • Tardies- 11
  • Disorderly Conduct- 11
  • Disruptive Behavior- 10

As stated in previous data reports, there has been a steady decline in discipline data. The PBIS team thanks you in following the continuum of responses in dealing with minor behaviors.

Reminder: Continuum of responses for minor behaviors before office referrals:

  • Redirection
  • Proximity
  • Change seating arrangement
  • Individual student conference
  • Parent phone call
  • Provide choice, multiple opportunities to respond and behavior- specific praise throughout the class period.

Discipline Data Comparison '13-'14 SY and '14-'15 SY (Sept- Dec.)

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Spotlight on our Project (Initiative) Leaders

This year the PBIS team has primarily focused on tightening our Tier I initiatives (practices and supports that support ALL students). We will begin Tier II considerations and plans this semester.

Community Services Board (CSB) Behavior Counselor- Ms. Pickett

As we move into identifying practices and programs that support a few of our students, commonly referred to as Tier II and Tier III, it is important that we spotlight those individuals that support our efforts in the classroom. This month we would like to spotlight Ms. Pickett, a CSB counselor.
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Behavior Counselors work with our at-risk/ Severely Emotionally Disturbed students (SED). We work hard to support the growth and positive behaviors of our students. PBIS is important as we continue to help students be successful in their classes.

Faculty Member of the Month- Mr. George Pantas

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Q&A with Mr. George Pantas

Q: How long have you been in education?

A: 36 years

Q: How do you feel about being selected as Faculty Member of the Month?

A: I feel very much humbled to be chosen. It means a lot to me because this was my alma mater (a few years ago, lol!!) Class of 1974! I believe this is an amazing honor.

Q: What do you feel is most important about being a role model and exemplifying the Crabber Code?

A: We must never forget that our purpose in education is to educate the whole child in every aspect of life.You never know who you will impact by being an educator and taking on this awesome responsibility.

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PBIS Reboot Fair-- Take a break from grading exams

Please Join the PBIS team in the cafeteria Friday, January, 22, 2015 from 2-3 as we kickoff second semester. The PBIS project leaders will be on hand with information and to solicit feedback. There will also be snacks, drinks, and prizes!! You can also pick up crabber bucks and behavior reinforcement lesson plans.