Valerie Moya

Ana Moya and Memaw

What is your most cherished possession? Why? Who'd you receive it from? Would you ever leave home without it?

Ana Moya: "My most cherished possession are my dishes that my mom gave to me before she died because I love her and miss her so much. That's the only thing I have left of her. If I ever left home permanently I wouldn't leave without them."

Memaw: "My most cherished possession is my plant I received from my mother before she passed away. I would never leave home permanently without it because I miss my mom and that's all I have left of her."

Valerie Moya

What are your three most cherished possessions? If you had to leave your home and could only take three items to remember your past, what would they be? What would you mourn the loss of?

My three most cherished possessions are my phone, my ring from the dance teacher, and my charm bracelet that has charms from my mom and my boyfriend. If I had to leave my home, and I could only take three items to remember my past they would be the items I mentioned before. I would mourn the loss of my clothes and shoes.