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It's Wednesday!

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Speaker Series

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Perry Moss had to cancel his evening talk with PLP on Monday, March 30th. There will be an opportunity to hear from Perry Moss as a Passport Event opportunity - see flyer for more information.
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We will, however, still be having a speaker on Monday, March 30th. Our very own President Paul Trible has graciously agreed to address the PLP that evening. He is excited to share his own thoughts on leadership with all of you!

Freshman, this is a great opportunity to hear from an influential leader who has shaped the University that you chose to attend just a year ago. It will be interesting to hear a new perspective from President Trible, one that addresses current leadership students and not prospective students. #LivesofSignificance

Seniors, it seems as though your time at CNU and in PLP is coming full circle. President Trible is likely one of the first people you heard speak at orientation, Admitted Freshman Days, and Open Houses as you were making the decision to come to CNU. He will now be the last speaker of your PLP career - get excited to watch your PLP experience come full circle! #LivesofSignificance #CNU #CaptainforLife

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Please keep in mind that there are TWO policies associated with the PLP Speaker Series.

1. If you are going to have to miss a speaker for any reason, you must complete this form before the night of the speaker.

2. If you do miss a speaker, for any reason, you must make up the event by watching the video recording.

Missed the first PLP Speaker? Just a reminder that if you missed the speaker for any reason, you must make it up by watching the following recordings!

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Attention All PLP Students! Nominate an Outstanding Senior!

Senior Celebration is a time for PLP seniors to reflect on their experience and honor classmates who have had a significant impact at CNU. Please use the following form to nominate 3 seniors who have exemplified the program areas of Experience, Development, and Success: Senior Celebration Peer Nominations.
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We want to share your inspiring stories about service with the PLP Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018! Please fill out this Google form if you are interested in sharing what you do with all of us in PLP! Don't forget to #shareyourservice! Send us stories, photos and your testimonies about why your service is important to you!
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CNU Sustainability Food Challenge

Tuesday, March 24th, 9pm


This includes a daily dietary challenge for students and aims to raise awareness about food issues ranging from inadequate nutrition to potential consumption hazards.

The way it works is each student who participates must use the day's hash tag (see below) and tag @CNUGreenTeam on whichever social media forum of choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

At the end of the week long challenge 3 winners will be chosen to receive prizes ranging from Green Team merchandise to Farmer’s Market Dollars.

Here's a list of the days with their assigned hashtags:

April 1st: #WheatlessWednesday

April 2nd: #ThurstfulThursday

April 3rd: #FriedlessFriday

April 4th: #SustainableSaturday

April 5th: #SugarlessSunday

April 6th: #MeatlessMonday

April 7th: #TotallyCheeselessTuesday

Service Opportunities

The Food Cooperative is accepting applications for Volunteer Coordinators!

This is a low-commitment, entry position in the Food Cooperative leadership team. Basically, the Volunteer Coordinators help manage the day-to-day operations of the nightly deliveries of our unserved dining hall food to the Peninsula Rescue Mission. When groups such as the Fellows, a greek organization, or a service club sign up for a week of service, they are assigned a Volunteer Coordinator that handles all communications with them through their week, including a brief orientation and handling any troubleshooting that arises. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinators get to have input in the vision and mission of a very special student organization on campus, the CNU Food Cooperative. Click here for the application!
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If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Sara Bock via email:

Study Abroad

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Click the President's Leadership Program tab

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Then select the Experience tab

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and then the Study Abroad folder

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And make sure you fill out BOTH forms (Stipend Application and W-9)

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Then turn your forms into the PLP Office or the Study Abroad Office!

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Passport Events

The Passport Program is designed to allow students to apply learning and leadership development to a range of out-of-class experiences including lectures, workshops, panel discussion, and a variety of other activities. Is your organization hosting an event that fits in with the mission and vision of PLP and the Passport Program? Follow this link to request your event to be a Passport Destination! If you are looking for Passport Events this semester, check out the master list! It is updated daily with the latest Passport events around campus!
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Coffeehouse Speaker Series

This series is designed to give PLP students an opportunity to share any significant experiences they have had during their college experience. The next Coffeehouse Speaker event is on March 24th at 6pm in the Crow's Nest! Free coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and cookies! Come relax and listen to Ben Johnson talk about his experience working in the Dominican Republic.
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Conference Opportunity

George Washington's Mount Vernon - Pursuit of Leadership: Remembering James MacGregor Burns

Thursday, April 9th, 8:45am

Mount Vernon, VA, United States

Mt Vernon, VA

This is a very special opportunity for a 2- day conference April 9-10 at the home of George Washington in Mount Vernon, Virginia, examining the scholarship and influential thinking of our dear friend and colleague James MacGregor Burns.

Jim’s vision was to develop a field of study that would cross all disciplines and empower people to make bold change for good. His work on leadership emboldened presidents, movements, activists and scholars alike. We will apprise and critique his body of work but we will also celebrate our great good fortune to have known and learned from such a remarkable person.

Featured speakers include award-winning historian Michael Beschloss, Pulitzer-Prize winning author Ed Larson, and eminent leadership scholars Joanne Ciulla, Tom Cronin, Susan Dunn, George Goethals, and Gill Robinson Hickman.

Learn more and register at

Jim would have been so pleased that the Fred W. Smith National Library has offered scholarships to cover the conference registration for graduate and undergraduate students. Join us at Mt. Vernon for a cutting-edge discussion of leadership theory and practice and to celebrate the Burns’ legacy. Details on how to apply for a student scholarship are below.

International Leadership Association Conference (ILA)

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Interested in applying what you have learned about leadership at an international conference, and learning even more from other leadership scholars and students? Consider applying to be a part of CNU's 2015 International Leadership Association Undergraduate Case Study Competition Team!

The Department of Leadership and American Studies is accepting applications for the ILA Undergraduate Case Study Competition, to be held in Barcelona, Spain on October 14th to October 17th, 2015 as part of the annual conference. Those who are selected will qualify for partial funding to assist with expenses. In the past, many students have found additional funding through other campus sources.

For a full description of this opportunity click here.

To apply, submit your application by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday April 10th. Applicants will be notified of selection decisions near the end of May or early June.

Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor Update

Some of you have expressed concern to faculty and staff about Leadership 250 not showing up as an approved elective for the minor. Dr. Redekop wants all of you to know that it does in fact count toward the minor, and the the Registrar's office is working toward getting the system updated.
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Have questions about Commencement, Senior Celebration or Senior Week? Check out this newsletter that you got in your email inboxes earlier this week!

Attention Class of 2015! Starting to get stressed about your last semester? Trying to ROCK that job interview? Want to talk to your PLP experience with someone who has been in your shoes?Check out Senior Circle!

Don't forget that the Center for Career Planning is another great resource as you get ready to graduate in May!

Senior Celebration

We want to let you know that the PLP Fellows will be putting together a Slideshow to play during the Senior Celebration ceremony. We would love to have everyone contribute at least one photo of you throughout your time here! Please email all photos to with the subject "Senior Celebration Slideshow". If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the PLP staff.
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Don't forget!

Seniors! Don't forget to buy your Senior Week packages now! You do NOT want to miss this!

Click this link to purchase! Remember to buy your package soon, because we might be giving away some really cool prizes in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

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We are well into March everyone, and Athletes month has been going off with a bang! As always, we thank you for your eagerness to vote and multiple suggestions. Last week March Madness poll came down to a single vote. With spring sports in full swing here at CNU, we wanted to show some appreciation to all professional athletes who we find crush worthy. This week is a male’s week, and this week we wanted to choose three famous soccer players! It being the most popular sport in the world, these three athletes are some of the most recognizable faces worldwide. Choose wisely!

Remember, if you have any suggestions for male or female crushes/different themes for each month feel free to email Zach at with your ideas!

Just follow the link below to pick the winner for this week!

Here are this week’s contestants!