Kamrynn Blades period 6-7

development of Theme Analysis:

In Freak The Mighty the character interacts with the setting to develop the theme!

Max is big, strong, powerful, also has a soft heart and is super kind. that shows why i did the happiest whenever is because it says how happy he is. First in one part in Freak The Mighty, Killer Kane ( Maxwell's dad ) Kidnaps Maxwell. Max says that he felt so empty and he couldn't talk cause he sees that him and his dad look so much alike. And all the things that he herd about his dad it makes him scared, like his dad is going to do that to him. All he said was "yes sir" cause his dad had a low voice and big muscles and scary big hands. A night later in the morning Freak (the mighty king) comes rushing in with coal covered all over him and says "put your hands up, villain" and he says i have a squirt gun and says there is acid and other things in it and it will make your eyes burn. so Freak saves max and they are free. That connects to my theme cause max and freak were happy they got free.

Visual Represetations of Theme

Reflection and Application of Theme:

Why i did the theme The happiest whenever is cause freak is happy all the time and max is happy like half and half of the time. Freak and max go on fun and tiring Adventures and they are happy on there adventures. Freak was like Maxwell's brain freak was always on his shoulders and tapped on his head on the left if he needed to go to the left and on the right if he needed to go right they had a great friendship. The author of this book Freak The Mighty his theme went so good and smooth and matched with everything. My theme is relevant to my present because people can be big and small and happy and sad, other people can feel how Max and Freak felt. Cause they were happy.

I think my life connects to this theme. And that is because i am some times really happy and hipper and i am always happy cause people make me happy. My friends are really fun and funny and kind , they make me happy.

Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick