My Smore Flyer

By Faith Martin

About Me

Hello my name is Faith Martin , i am the youngest out of six kids. I am a sophmore at the moment but in a couple of months i will be a junior.  Really love to play sporets i just dont like to watch them , also love to be out doors ecspecially if im camping. Im at least 5'1 , burnett, blueish green i eyes deeping on what mood im in. Really shy person when it comes to meeting new people , cause i dont know how to talk to them. Like babysitting little kids cause theey can be intreasting and they are so adorable to be around. Became a aunt at age seven , my half brother had two boys and one girl, he jus had anoter little boy last year.

My Year at a Glance

This year has been great i have had a lot of experiences in my sophomore year. Figured out who really liked me as a friend or just didnt care. I was called beautiful by a freshman that i dont even know. The best part of this year is that i made NHS , in my whole life i would of never thought i woud ever come this far in life as much as i have. Got to go on a road trip with my mom to Missouri to go see trace adkins in concert. Also got to see my half brother on the way home in Arkansas .Havent seen him since i was at least seven when he lived with us; thats the first time a became an aunt . 

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to go to Sitzerland to learn about my family line. Learning about who my family was and if i still have any family living there. It would be a great experience for me knowing where i came from. If i dont go there then i would like to go to England to learn about how i am related to Queen Elizebath.Hopefully i can bring something back home that i learned about and share it with a lot of people. And that i can inspire other people to look into their family line,far back to see what they can fine that they didnt know about.

Advise for next years sophmores

The advise i would give you up coming sophmores is that always pay attention in class, because if you dont you wont have a clue on whats going on. Turn your work in on time when a teacher asigns you a due date , even if they change the date still turn t in. so you dont have to worry about loosng your work or trying to cram it all in one night. Try not to be late to school or tardy to class, because it really reflects on how you do. You Have three free tardys pere semester dont abuse it. I havent used one free tardy pass for the two years i have been in high school. And im am doing so great in school because im always on time and i know what is going on at the beginning of class and not lost or confused.
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