Alec Kumm

The capital of China is Bejing.

  1. The population of China is 1,349,585,838 as of 2014.
  2. Mt. Everest is in the Himalayas. China is also very mountainous.
  3. If you went North of China you would end up at Mongolia. If you walked East you would go to the East China Sea. If you headed South of China you would end up Laos, Thailand, or Myanmar. If you traveled West you would go to Tajikistan, Pakistan, or Kyrgyzstan.



  1. Chinese used chop sticks to eat almost every thing.
  2. The Chinese invented paper, porcelain, fireworks etc.
  3. The Chinese built the Great Wall of China which was 3,950 mi long.
  4. The Chinese also built the Forbidden City which took 3.1 million bricks to build.

People and Places

  1. China has rich lowland plains that extend to the Pacific Ocean.
  2. In the South East part of China tropical plants and sandy beaches fill that side of China.
  3. Much of China is mountainous.
  4. Green plants and trees corer the mountains in the South.


  1. The Chinese play soccer.
  2. Children in China enjoy playing table tennis.
  3. Girls play jump rope in teams.
  4. Kids do more work in China than kids in the US.


  1. All politics have to belong to the Communist Party.
  2. China is one of the Fastest growing economies in the world.
  3. China sells more rice, tobacco, corn, etc. on the world.
  4. The Chinese get around with some cars, most around, and others own water buffaloes.

My Choice

  1. It took 1 million workers, and 14 years to build the Forbidden City, the Empires former home.
  2. The began building the city in 1406.
  3. The city was surrounded by a moat and high walls.

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