Temperate Rain Forest


Mostly in the Pacific Northwest. Some is found on the western coast of South America.


The average high temperature is 80 F and the average low temperature is 32 F. The annual precipitation is from 60-200 inches.


The temperate rain forest has many animals like elk, cougars, shrews and spotted owls. The spotted owl is adapted to living in the forest because its feathers are soft so they don't make a whooshing sound. This lets them sneak up on their prey. Their heads rotate since their eyes can't rotate in their sockets. They see and hear very well which helps them hunt at night.
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Many trees in this forest are VERY tall since it almost never freezes and they can keep growing! There are Douglas fir and cedar trees. There are mosses and ferns. The Ponderosa Pine is adapted to living in a forest. It has a thick bark that helps it to survive forest fires. It also sheds its lower limbs which helps it survive fires. They rarely are killed in a fire unless it is a crown fire (a fire that spreads from treetop to treetop).

Environmental Concerns:

Almost all of the temperate rain forests have been lost due to cutting them down for lumber. Acid rain is also harming the forest. If people would recycle paper and used wood products, we would need less lumber and help the forest. If people would use their cars less (walk, bike or carpool), we would have less acid rain and help the forest.