Gregg at Claxton; 350-6557

January 12, 2016

Dear Families,

I know you are aware of the changes in the third grade teaching staff since the break. Our new teachers are:

* Ms. Teah Hartman - replacing Ms. Lemus

* Ms. Betts Webster - replacing Ms. Curenton

* Ms. Sarah Strain - replacing Ms. Wells 1/20/16

While I am truly sad to see my previous team members leave, I know they're doing what's best for their families and themselves. Our new team members are excited to be here and we're looking forward to a great rest of the school year!

We are making some adjustments to what we're teaching at this time. We are dropping Fundations and will be focusing on vocabulary. We will also be sending homework home daily. Otherwise, we'll keep rolling along!

I also look forward to meeting with all of you after mClass and MAP assessments which will be during the last two weeks of January. At that time we can meed to discuss your child's strengths and how we'll finish out the year.

Binders will come home this Thursday. You will see that some assignments have been redone. That's because I'm looking for growth and assessments inform my instruction. My goal is for students to make positive growth throughout a nine week period and some assessments are given more than once, or given again after reteaching. I am attaching a link that discusses the Growth Mindset below.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, warm evening.