Grade 6 Multicultural Food Day!

Take a trip around the world in our school!

Grade 6 Multicultural Food Day is coming!

The Grade 6 students of Leopold PS have been studying hard about their chosen countries and on the 20th November, you are invited to take a trip around the world at our school to try some foods from every continent!

Grade 6 Multicultural Food Day!

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 12:30-1:30pm

1 Kensington Road

Leopold, VIC

Students have worked hard to study foods from their chosen country and on the 20th November you can come and try these amazing foods personally baked & made by the Grade 6 students.

Order of Events

1 .Introduction of all the continents.

2. Decide the order of your journey around the world.

3. Take your time to enjoy all of the delicious foods.

4. Enjoy the rest of the Multicultural Food Day!