Global Warming Is True

BY:Emanuel R. Kylee T. Michael E.

Ice Age

The ice caps are melting because of the carbon dioxide and climate changes around the world. The ice age we're talking about is really small. This ice age was over around 1850.

Carbon Dioxide

Many things are causing global warming. one of them is human activities. When people farm and use fertilizers, fossil fuels and methane it goes into the atmosphere. The more CO2 the hotter it gets.

Questions we've gotten!

When does the global warming stop?

How does global warming happen?

Does the sun interact with global warming?

Can humans do something physically to stop it?

How does it affect animals?

Can we all be harmed or killed in the happening?

Is global warming true?

What are some things we can do to help prevent global warming?

Can we still live a normal life without being overheated and without killing our nature?

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