Online History and Cyber Safety

How to be very safe when online

Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint is basically your history online. Your Digital Footprint is out there. You can't just hide it. What ever you do on the internet can be seen by people anywhere. But there are things you can do to protect yourself.
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Strong Passwords

A powerful password should consist of at least 6 letters, one number, some capital letters, and at least one symbol,


Make sure you have software to protect against spyware.

Personal Information

Never give out personal information unless the website is hacker safe.

Posting Online

Make sure you know that pictures you post online can backfire on you if they are not good pictures. If people need to use your pictures against you they will.

Pop-Up Ads

When you are online, never open any pop-up ads. They are just fake and that means there is someone who is trying to hack you or get you to pay money. Just close them out and ignore them.
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Never be afraid to report somebody that is being bad online. The report stays private.


Even though it may seem like a small thing, online shopping is a big source of where people get hacked. Mostly because this is the place where you give out most of your information.
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Digital Footprint and Cyber Safety Speech

Thursday, Nov. 24th, 12pm

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Come see me give my annual speech on your Digital Footprint and Cyber Safety.