No Teacher Left Behind

& they shouldn't be!

I think it's important as educators to make sure students all get the same opportunity as others to learn. Some might need more help than others but that's alright. It's our job as educators to make sure that no child is left behind.

As the world changes, and technology increases, I think it is imperative that teachers receive the same opportunity to make sure that they aren't being left behind either. As technology advances, we all need the knowledge and skills to operate and utilize these tools in the classroom to help teach our students.

Schools should be able to provide technology workshops for teachers to make sure they aren't getting left behind. These workshops should help teachers become familiar with the different technology devices that can be used in the classroom to help the students.

Schools have become aware that technology plays a vital role in learning. So they are becoming more familiar with how to use the devices in the classroom. I think teachers having to master these standards are important. They need to keep up as well .