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February 2019


Hello again PGMS Families,

Hopefully, January was an excellent month for you and we know you are ready for a great February! We came back from Winter Break ready to go, students and teachers are all working hard, and the second semester is off to a great start. This month is going to be short but busy!

Some items to remember for the calendar are:

Feb. 5th- PGMS v. FMS at Home!

Feb. 9th/10th - PGMS Competition Cheer at Nationals

Feb.13th- Spirit Night @ Buffalo Wild Wings

Feb.14th- Valentine Parties

Feb.15th- Early Dismissal @ 11:30

Feb.18th- Presidents’ Day (no school)

Feb.19th- Feb. 22nd- Homecoming Week!

Feb. 20th- Centennial HS Registration for PGMS 8th graders

Feb .21st- Homecoming Pep Rally/ Alumni Basketball Game

Feb. 23rd- Homecoming Dance @ 6:30 p.m.

Feb. 25th-Mar. 1st- Used Books Sale

Wow! We really are going to have a lot going on this month. Thank you to all families, students, teachers and staff for supporting all the wonderful things we do here at PGMS.



One focus of my role as school nurse is to keep students healthy and in school, because attendance is fundamental to academic success. I provide ongoing health education, identify and manage chronic healthcare needs that affect educational achievement. Studies show a correlation between a student’s health affecting their learning ability. I enjoy teaching to both individuals and groups of students. Health education topics may include nutrition, exercise, wellness, disease management, etc.

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2019 Rising 9th Grade High School Registration Dates

High school registration for rising 9th grade students at Poplar Grove Middle will be here soon. Please review the information below and mark the dates on your calendar.

For students zoned to Centennial High School:

CHS Parent and Student Orientation – Thursday, January 31, at 6:00 p.m. at Centennial High School

6:00 – Parents meet in the CHS Performing Arts Center for parent meeting

6:00 – Students meet in the CHS Gym for a class meeting and pep rally.

7:45 - Parents and students meet in the gym for Academics, Arts and Athletics Fair, CHS tours and PTSO sign up.

CHS Rising 9th Grade Student Registration – February 20th and 21st in the Poplar Grove Middle School Library. Parents will receive a registration appointment time by mail.

For students zoned to Franklin High School:

FHS Parent and Student Orientation – January 28th, at 6:00 p.m. at Franklin High School

FHS Rising 9th Grade Student Registration - March 8th in the Poplar Grove Middle School Library. Parents will receive a registration appointment time by mail.

Registering your child for high school will take about 20 minutes. Parents are encouraged to attend their child's registration appointment but it is not required. If you would like to register your child at another time, you may call their zoned high school to make a registration appointment with a counselor.

Please be sure to complete and bring all of the necessary enrollment forms to your scheduled appointment.

English and Spanish versions of all enrollment forms needed for high school registration can be found at https://www.wcs.edu/schools/enrollment/new-student-enrollment/

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or if you need to reschedule your appointment time, please contact Keith Welch at 615-472-3993 or welchkei@fssd.org

Williamson Loves Libraries Event

Thursday, Feb. 21st, 4-6pm

1314 Columbia Avenue

Franklin, TN

Join us as we celebrate LIBRARIES! Mayor Rogers Anderson has proclaimed February as "Williamson Loves Libraries" month. PGMS teachers, parents, students, and families are invited to attend the Williamson Loves Libraries event at the Williamson County Public Library where you can learn more about the great, FREE resources libraries have to offer. Bring your library card and an electronic device, if you have one. Students can receive extra credit in their ELA class for attending this event.
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A group of 5th graders have been working together to spread kindness at Poplar Grove! They created Frosty with a lot of advice on how to be kind.


Four 6th graders competed in the school-wide spelling bee on Friday, January 18th. Andrew Rybyski, Evan Barnes, Ryan Riojas, and Jaylen Wisman all made it through the first round. Evan and Andrew were among some of the last few standing. Andrew was the final 6th grader going out on the word "chilblains." ​We are very proud of those boys, as well as our classes that watched and cheered appropriately during the event!


Mrs. Onusaitis' ELA classes have been working on a "What I love about PGS" wall. Each student is creating a heart that says what they are thankful for at Poplar Grove School.


Mr. Ellison's class has been studying protesting during the Revolutionary War. They created their own protest posters on something from the Revolutionary War and also from this era.
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Ms.Lavery's 8th graders hosted their 1st College & Career Event in our library on January 16th. Students created Google Slides and presented information all about their future careers! I am so proud of all of the students and their amazing efforts! Thank you to all the parents, community partners, College For TN, Williamson County Personnel,and Franklin Police and Fire personnel for supporting our event. The next community event is scheduled for February 12th from 9:45-10:30 a.m. 8th grade students will be hosting our annual Dia de San Valentin Event. . Thank you for your ongoing support and check out our classroom grant https://donorschoo.se/e/JDPPETPzyT​ I'd love your help to bring my project to life!


We all know air exists around us all the time, but don’t always notice the air pressure. In this activity, STEM students climb into a large trash bag and remove the air from inside of the bag. Before the vacuum cleaner is turned on, there is an equal density of air molecules inside and outside the bag. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, most of the air is removed from inside the bag. As a result, the air pressure that is outside of the bag (atmospheric pressure is about 14.7 psi on the surface of the earth) is now unopposed by an equal force of air pressure inside the bag. Interestingly, the bag is not being sucked onto your body by the vacuum cleaner; rather, the bag is being pushed onto your body by the air outside of the bag.

**Join our 7th and 8th grade STEM classes on February 15 @ 10:30 as we launch our hot-air balloons!

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February may be a short month, but it has a lot in store at PGMS! We have something special planned for almost every Friday this month - 2/8 – Advisor Groups, 2/15 – House Day, and 2/22 – Grade level PBS incentive.

Also, in the month of February, students may enter PBS tickets in the weekly drawings to receive an “out of dress code” pass. This is one of our students’ favorite incentives because they can come to school in PJ’s or athletic wear.

In December, we recognized the following students for going above and beyond to demonstrate the character trait COURAGE:

5th grade: Carter Jeffords, Jasmin Rizo Caballero, Quincy Anderson, and Brayden Maxey

6th grade: Dayana Guevera, Kennedy Wood, Isabelle Steedley, and Iris Segoviano

7th grade: Jolie Thapet, Ashley Calixto, Roxana Cortez Martinez, and Bridgette Mennega

8th grade: Keira Yocum and Analysse Samford

Our next character trait to be recognized is RESPECT. You can encourage your child to be respectful at home by using manners, being sensitive to other’s feelings, and listening when someone else is speaking. By promoting respectful behavior at home, it also helps your child demonstrate respect at school! Stay tuned for our next Pride Time recipients for being respectful.


On March 1 @ 2:00 pm, TECHFIT’s Escape Room Exergame will be used to determine which two houses compete for the final house championship! Parents and community, come to the gym and join us as TECHFIT’s Escape Room becomes a part of our House Advisory Challenge! Go Team!


The Mini Mu Math participants were recognized at January's Board Meeting. They did an awesome job representing Poplar Grove Middle School!


Congratulations to 7th grader Ella Holt! She won in round 18 with the word cardigan.​ She will represent PGMS in the Regional Spelling Bee in Nashville on February 16. It takes place at noon at Nissan Stadium and is open to the public, if anyone would like to go cheer on our school champion.

Congratulations, also, to first runner-up, 8th grader Matthew Hardy. He and Ella volleyed through 10 additional rounds before a winner was decided. He will take Ella's place at the regional bee if she is unable to make it.

PGS Competition Cheer

The PGS Cheerleaders will travel to Beech High School in Hendersonville, TN, on Sunday February 3 to perform and prepare for National's! Please come out and support them! They will be competing on February 9-10 at the National High School Championship Competition at Disney in Orlando, Florida!
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Our Annual Used Book Sale is coming up at the end of this month. We are still collecting gently used children's and adult books and movies. The Used Book Sale is a FUNDRAISER for our Library Media Centers, it is an evironmentally-friendly REUSE project, and it promotes LITERACY in our community. The sale dates are February 25 - March 1 in the PGES Lobby. If you can volunteer to work at the sale, please contact Linda Keur at lvartkeur@gmail.com


PGMS Spirit Night is Wednesday, February 13, at Buffalo Wild Wings. Please come out and support PGMS!


5th Grader Jack Hughes has had a library book dedicated to him in honor of his 11th birthday on January 25th from Mom, Dad, and Adam. The book is Army Brats by Daphne Benedis-Grab, which is on next year's VSBA list. If you would like to dedicate a book in honor of someone's birthday, graduation, other special occasion, or in memory of someone, please print and complete the form found on the library webpage and send it to the library media center. https://poplargrovemiddle.fssd.org/wp content/uploads/sites/27/2017/01/BookDedicationForm.pdf