Africa the amazing

Come see the majestic physical features in Africa

Nile River

The Nile river is 4,160 miles long making it the longest river in the world.The beautiful water provides 20% of the water used for Sudans green crops.Something really amazing about the vast river is it runs northward through eight countries.This river has a lot for the eyes to see.

Atlas Mountains

Everyone loves to hike so why not hike the rugged Atlas Mountains.Exploring the fertile lowlands and slopes will be great fun for all.You will also see the salt lakes of the mountains and be surrounded by it's rich minerals.

Congo River

The Congo River is 2,720 miles of pure beauty that flows constantly throughout the year.This River has many islands that are filled with tall,green trees.This 4 to 10 mile wide river is also a potential source of hydroelectric power.

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is the largest island sea.This vast sea covers 965,000 square miles.The sea is surrounded by Europe,Africa,and Asia making it a large place to explore.You can also discover the mountainous shores and abundant waters that are filled with beautiful fish,sponges,and coral.