Systems Leadership

Local Vision

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What is this?

The System Leadership programme is a ground-breaking collaboration between Public Health England, National Skills Academy for Social Care, NHS Leadership Academy, Virtual Staff College, Local Government Association and the Leadership Centre, that enables areas to create system wide change through leadership collaboration and development.

Together these partners have pooled resources to assemble a fund of over £1m to support up to 30 places in this breakthrough project.

I'm interested, tell me more...

Applications are invited for up to 22 places to join with the 8 places already underway, to develop outstanding systems leadership across public sector partners in a place. Successful applicants will receive a package of support, including the time of an experienced leadership development enabler to work with them on a 'breakthrough health issue' whilst advancing leadership in their place to the benefit of residents.

Breakthrough issues in the existing places include changing patterns of sedentary behaviour, addressing excessive alcohol consumption, and data sharing between agencies, integrated pathways of care between health and social services and targeted responses to support vulnerable elderly people.

Places that are successful will be able to choose an enabler to work with them from a pool of skilled individuals who have been specifically selected for this work. Enablers will be funded for an average contact time of one day per week until the end of this financial year. Places will also have access to further varied support including:

  • learning networks hosted by the King’s Fund
  • participation in Future Vision – a national leadership development programme
  • access to the knowledge-hub where information from the across the places will be shared
  • a number of free consultancy days from a limited range of private sector partners
  • for all places, participation in the Commissioning Academy

How do we apply?

To apply please submit a brief letter of application, signed by the chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board confirming which relevant local partners are engaged. In your letter please outline:

  1. The nature of the breakthrough issue you wish to undertake, what makes it particularly pertinent for your place and the history of existing work on this locally.
  2. The gain you expect to see for local residents.
  3. The impact you hope this will make on local leadership and other areas where you might see the benefit of this impact in the future.
  4. The wider lessons that might be learned by other places and how you would fulfil the expectation that you contribute to sharing what you learn.
  5. Your willingness to contribute £10,000 to the funding in your area.

Applications should be sent to by 24 May 2013. They will be reviewed by a panel comprising the heads of the funding bodies with a view to notifying successful places by 10th June.

Successful applicants will be required to join us at a launch event in central London on 28th of June, so please hold this time in diaries.

For more information and to follow the areas on their journey visit the Systems Leadership group on the Knowledge Hub.