What will you eat now ?

the sustainability issues of eating a meat-based diet

Sustainability of meat-based and plant-based diets and the environment

The things being fed to the livestock can make people sick because it could stretch anywhere from chemically grown or grain fed. Americans are consuming close to 200 pounds of meat, poultry and fish per capita per year. Environmental problems have a lot to do with locally bred cattle (meat production). There needs to be a change in order for things to happen. Humans consume too much meat, which is costing a lot of money. Prices of meat in stores are super high. A lot of people are realizing the issues of meat production

Other Environmental Impacts

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Fossil energy is expended in livestock production systems. “Fossil energy input for all the animal protein production systems studied is 25 kcal fossil energy input per 1 kcal of protein produced. Too much fossil energy is being used. More than 99.2% of US food is produced on the land. Soil erosion and degradation is becoming an issue and will affect the food growth. Each year, 90% of US cropland loses a great deal of soil. There isn’t enough fossil fuels to fix the erosion issue and lack of nutrients within the soil. Too much water is being used to keep the produce growing. Both the meat-based and plant-based diets require significant amounts of fossil energy to produce.Natural resources are endangered as the human population grows