Mans best Friend


Dogs have been very useful in people's everyday lives. Dogs help people in many ways such as helping special ed kids and help police locate criminals. Dogs have been called mans best friend because dogs are great pet to people everywhere on earth.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are extremely useful to special ed kids and blind people. They help blind people see where they are going and help special ed kids move around and help them be happy. Service dogs have been specially trained to help disabled people every where around the world.


Dogs have been used as pets for a long time now. Dogs are used as pets because they are a great companion and they are loyal and kind to their owner. The dog makes a special bond with people around the world. People love dogs because dogs obey them and are kind to their owners.

Evolution of dogs

A long time ago man was successful in taking a wild wolf cub out of the wild and domesticating it.

Then the domesticated wolf mated and had more domesticated cubs.

Then the domesticated wolf cubs eventually turned into the animals we love today dogs.