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If not it may be hurting your Business

Being a first time business owner

I knew that I would have to work. I would have to research to stay ahead and refine my thoughts of how I would attack my goals. I never thought of myself with Adult Attention Disorder but quite honestly after reading, joining & going through the email updates from sites I found interesting … I think I have AAD!

I jump from one thing to another, then another shiny tidbit catches my eye and I’m off to that page. I have started opening a Word page so I can throw my finds there and come back to put together a blog post, an email blast or a Facebook post ….guess what I have 6 different Word pages with stuff ranging all over the place! I can’t STOP LOOKING to create.

So I finally grabbed myself by the collar and put a stop to it by creating, on Sunday, a list of subjects that I want to cover and assigned days of the week to post on the different platforms. I have not been doing it for long but so far I feel more grounded. I have tailor my time to fit the need at hand so not to allow myself too much leftover time to get lost in the VAST amount of interesting information on the sites.

My field is in web design, mobile app development and on-line marketing so needless to say I have to be on the Internet a lot but now I do it with structure. I offer my story to help those of you out there maybe not realizing you too are experiencing AAD symptoms. It is not too late to create a plan and restructure how you explore the Internet. Good Luck in your future endeavors!

Kim Gil

Business Owner

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