Kohler Cougar News

November 28, 2015 Edition

Reading and Writing Objective

Over the next couple weeks, we will continue to learn about the Revolutionary War. We will begin discussing the major battles and the effects they had on the colonists and British soldiers. We will continue to analyze primary resources using close reading to gain a deeper understanding of the war. We will also use our close reading strategy to research an important figure of the war to determine if he was a hero or not. We will then use this research to write an opinion piece. We will be looking at writing samples, and I will be modeling the writing expectations of this written piece this week. The students will begin researching and writing their piece next week.

Math Objective

We will continue to work on Topic 6: Multiplying Decimals over the next couple weeks. I anticipate us completing Topic 6 this week and testing the beginning of next week. Please have your child take some time to practice his/her multiplication facts as this will help with fluency when working with multiplication.

*Below is a link to our Math program. Here you and your child can access the text book electronically as well as download practice pages or homework. The students can also play games at a 5th grade level or below to practice basic skills.

Your child's username is their full name followed by the last 3 digits of their lunch number (no spaces) and their password is FHSD followed by their full lunch number (no spaces).


We will be testing over Weeks 14 and 15.

Week 14: Suffix -ary

Week 15: Suffix -age

*Below is a link to Spelling City. Here your child can print copies of a list if it happens to get lost and use games and quizzes to practice their words for the week. You can also preview the list for the upcoming week. Spelling City will also say the words as well, if your child needs guidance pronouncing a word.