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A common saying for someone has amnesia is "Who am I" or "Where am I"


loss of memory, usually brought on by brain illness.


Can be caused by illness, head injury, alcohol, drugs, and nutrition.
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symptoms include loss of memory, confusion, and recognizing faces and places
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Age/Gender Tendencies

Amnesia happens to both males and females of all ages


French psychologist Theodule-Armad Ribot was among the first scientists to study amnesia. He proposed Ribot's Laws, which states that there is a time gradient in retrograde amnesia. The law follows a logical progression of memory loss due to disease. First, a patient loses the recent memories, then personal memories, and finally intellectual memories.


In the majority of amnesia cases it resolves itself without treatment, however if an underlying physical or mental disorder is present it should be treated.
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3 Agencies

Brain Injury Association of America 1608 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110 Vienna, VA 22182 # 703-761-0750

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes PO Box 5801 Bethesda, MD 20824 # 800-352-9424

Society for Neuroscience 1121 14th Street, Suite 1010 Washington DC 20005 #202-962-4000

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