New Energy Source Technology Developed

Discovery in Pinehurst Lab by Jay Hoshall, PhD

Scientists from 35 countries have been developing a technology that will pave the way for unlimited clean energy production. A new discovery was made by scientist Jay Hoshall and others in a lab in Pinehurst, NC on December 1, 2015. According to Dr. Hoshall, nuclear fusion will be the energy source for humanity in the not-so-distant future. Unlike fission reactors that produce a large quantity of atomic fragments that can remain radioactive for centuries, the fusion reactors are quite safe. They can never be unstable because there isn't a chain reaction. This is what makes this energy source so exciting.

In this development, two isotopes of hydrogen were held at 200 million degrees until they collided and fused to make helium. This was a major breakthrough for energy production.

The dilemma up until this time has been developing materials that can withstand extreme environments. The reactor that has been developed by Hoshall can contain temperatures up to 150 million degrees Celsius - hotter than the core of the sun.

What Does This Mean for Us?

It will be up to the United States to now lead the way with production. With the scientific development now made by Dr. Hoshall and his colleagues, the United States will now lead the world in clean energy production.

Currently, nuclear fission produces only about 11% of the world's demand for electricity. Dr. Hoshall's goal is that money will now be put forth on further production of this promising source of alternative energy.