Carbon Footprint

By Ulises Navarro

What is a carbonfoorprint and what area the factors that make one?

A carbon footprint is the mark you leave on the envirement and are effected by home energy,driving,flying,recycling

My carbon footprint is less than the U.S average but more than the worlds average carbon footprint.

Home energy is a bigger factor than the others because we use it more than any other factors.

Thing that suprised me about climate change?

One thing would be that they can affect Africa buy making it so they cant grow as much crops even though they are not producing as much as other countries.

What could you do to limit your carbon footprint? You could compost, relcycle and buy products that produce less carbon emissions.

One thing you could do would be buying a hybrid car that produces less pollution but negative concomitant would be that they cost more. A short term affect would be that you have to spend more money for the hybrid vehicle. A long term would be that you would be producing less carbon emissions than you would with a regular gas car.